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Judge Robin N. PiperJudge Robin N. Piper began serving on the Twelfth District Court of Appeals on February 8, 2011. Judge Piper had previously been the elected prosecutor for Butler County for over ten years. Prior to being elected prosecutor, Judge Piper was an assistant prosecutor for nearly 14 years and personally handled multiple high profile felony cases. Judge Piper has presented oral argument before the Ohio Supreme Court on both civil and criminal cases. He served as a Special Prosecutor on several occasions, most notably the Lucasville Prison Riot prosecutions.

Judge Piper has been a guest speaker before the Ohio State Coroners Association on Tissue Procurement in Child Abuse Cases, before the Ohio Municipal Court Judges Association on the Prosecution's View, and before numerous student groups on such subjects as Shaken Baby, the Death Penalty, and Teen Responsibility. Judge Piper participated in numerous programs designed to educate and minimize risk among our youth. Such programs included DARE, GREAT, Character Week, After Prom Safety and Awareness, and an annual Student Council Summit at Miami University Middletown.

Judge Piper also was the sole proprietor of Piper Law Offices, a private general practice involving legal matters and litigation in all areas of the law. During his career, Judge Piper has served as an acting municipal prosecutor, acting judge in Area Courts, and arbitrator for common pleas court. Prior to becoming a judge on the Court of Appeals, he participated on numerous boards for charitable organizations and was a member of several civic organizations.

Judge Piper graduated from Hamilton Taft Senior High School in Hamilton, Ohio, in 1971, Miami University, Oxford, in Public Administration, in 1978, and the University of Dayton School of Law, Juris Doctorate, in 1982.

As empty nesters, Judge Piper and his wife have a small log house in Hanover Township, Butler County, where they live with their three dogs.

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